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ESINEL Ingenieros will undertake the electrical engineering for the C20+ project of Cía. Minera Collahuasi

By 15 de May de 2023April 5th, 2024No Comments
ESINEL Ingenieros Realizará la Ingeniería Eléctrica del Proyecto C20+ de Cía. Minera Collahuasi

May, 2023: C20S0074 Framework Contract for Engineering Development C20+ Proyect – Cía. Minera Collahuasi

ESINEL has been appointed to lead the detailed electrical engineering of the Collahuasi C20+ Project. This decision marks a significant milestone in the development of the Chilean mining industry and underscores ESINEL’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in the sector.

The C20+ Project at Collahuasi, driven by Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi SCM (CMDIC), aims to extend the operation of the mine for 20 years by incorporating a desalination plant and increasing production capacity. In this context, ESINEL will undertake the detailed engineering of the construction of several substations and high-voltage lines to supply the increased production of Collahuasi.

ESINEL’s selection for this project reflects its reputation for delivering solid and efficient technical solutions. The company, which has demonstrated its capacity in numerous large-scale projects, has been distinguished by its rigorous technical approach and commitment to excellence at every stage of the process.

With the construction of the C20+ Project, a series of modifications, expansions, and new installations will be required in CMDIC’s 220 kV High Voltage electrical system. These works include the construction of new Transformation Substations, a Sectioning Substation, new 220 kV Electric Lines, and the sectioning of the existing 2×220 kV Lagunas – Collahuasi line, among others.

The assignment of this contract to ESINEL is a significant step forward in the development of the Chilean mining industry. The company is committed to ensuring the operational continuity and energy efficiency of the C20+ Project, using the latest technologies and available electrical engineering methodologies.