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Software Support

In addition to commonly used computer programs like AutoCAD and Office, ESINEL possesses specialized software enabling the design of transmission lines and substations, calculations and analysis of industrial electrical systems, as well as civil works. We also have Building Information Modeling (BIM) software allowing for comprehensive and parametric project design, facilitating comprehensive access to information at all levels.

ATP (Alternative Transient Program)

Is a software designed for transient analysis of power systems. Its functionalities include transient analysis, generator modeling, and more.


Is specialized software for civil design and infrastructure. Its features include design and analysis of roads, drainage, topography, and pipe networks. It facilitates the creation of terrain models, longitudinal profiles, and management of geospatial data. With parametric tools and advanced visualization, it optimizes the design and documentation process in civil engineering projects, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


Is specialized software for electrical system analysis. Its functions include power flow simulation, short-circuit analysis, voltage and frequency stability studies, power quality evaluation, and detailed component modeling.

ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyzer Program)

Is a comprehensive tool for electrical and industrial system analysis. It provides power flow simulation, short-circuit studies, stability analysis, protection coordination, and electrical distribution system design. It is known for modeling and simulating complex systems.


Is a software designed for the design and analysis of electrical transmission lines. It features three-dimensional modeling, wind load assessment, tension analysis, and structure placement optimization. It facilitates planning by considering geographic and topographic factors.


Is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for architectural, engineering, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) design. It enables the creation of 3D models, detailed documentation, and performance analysis. It facilitates real-time collaboration and manages integrated data to optimize project planning and execution.


Is a structural analysis and design software that provides advanced tools for modeling and analyzing structures in three dimensions. It includes features such as stress analysis, design code verification, and structural element design. It is essential for engineers and construction professionals, providing a comprehensive platform to evaluate the safety and structural efficiency of projects.


Is specialized software for designing and analyzing towers and metal structures. Its functions include detailed modeling, structural analysis, load assessment, and compliance verification with regulations. It is essential for engineers and professionals working on infrastructure projects involving towers, such as power lines and telecommunications.

EMTP (Electromagnetic Transients Program)

Is software designed for analyzing electromagnetic transients in power systems. Its functions include simulating transient events, studying overvoltages, evaluating dynamic response, and analyzing transient stability.


Is a BIM software for designing and detailing steel and concrete structures. Its features include creating detailed 3D models, automatically generating drawings, and managing structural information. It facilitates collaboration among professionals, enabling an efficient workflow from conceptual design to construction.


Is a Microsoft data analysis platform that facilitates the understanding of complex data. Its benefits include making informed, data-driven decisions in real-time, identifying trends and patterns, effective collaboration, and improving operational efficiency by integrating data from various sources and providing relevant insights for business growth.