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Policy and data protection policies

1. Introduction

When you visit our website, we want you to have a unique experience that meets the quality and satisfaction you are looking for. Each time you visit us, we have the opportunity to learn about your browsing needs and preferences. This statistical information is of great relevance to us because it helps us constantly improve our service to provide you with a pleasant browsing and shopping experience. This information does not allow us to identify a specific customer, it only relates to data about a certain product, group, page, or category of products and/or services.

2. Storage

Purpose, Custody, and Treatment: The personal data voluntarily provided when using this site, by registering in any section, is stored and used solely by our website to enhance your shopping or visiting experience. We use the user’s email address only to send recommendations for specific products, once the customer has logged in and/or completed their registration or submitted a form on our website. The information collected through visits to this website will always be anonymous, so that customers’ personal information will not be used for any purpose other than that stated in this document. Customers also have the right to request that no advertising be sent to their email address.

3. Cokkies:

A cookie is information sent by a website and stored in the user’s browser, allowing the website to know the user’s previous activity. We use cookies to send the Customer information related to their interests and to provide a more personalized shopping and/or service experience, thus helping the visitor to navigate more efficiently. If you wish to disable cookie storage, you only need to go to the help section of your internet browser.

4. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that uses cookies to provide anonymous statistical information about visitors to our website. Additionally, we use this tool for advertising purposes, displaying ads on websites associated with Google’s content network based on visits to our site, which is known as Remarketing. To prevent data collection from Google Analytics, the following alternatives are available: – Disable the storage of cookies in the corresponding internet browser. – Download an internet browser add-on at the following link:

5. Legal Terms:

The information collected through the visit to this website will always be anonymous, so the personal data of the clients will not be processed by our website for a purpose different from that stated in this document. Clients will always have the right to disable cookies as stated in the preceding paragraphs, and our company cannot prevent this action in any way.