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ESINEL Ingenieros Will Be Part of the Country’s First High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC ±600 kV) Megatransmission Line

By 22 de February de 2023April 5th, 2024No Comments
Primera Megalínea de Transmisión de Alto Voltaje

February, 2023: ±600 kV Kimal-Lo Aguirre HVDC Converter Station Contract – GEDI

ESINEL Ingenieros has achieved a significant milestone by being appointed to develop the engineering of the Converter Substations for the transmission project known as the “HVDC Kimal – Lo Aguirre Line”. This initiative, mandated by the State through an international tender conducted by the CEN and awarded by the company Conexión Kimal Lo Aguirre S.A., represents a notable advancement in strengthening the national energy infrastructure and is also a key project for the country’s decarbonization process.

The award of the electrical engineering for this ±600 kV HVDC transmission project, which will span 1,342 kilometers from the Antofagasta Region to the Metropolitan Region, marks a significant milestone for Esinel Ingenieros.

This project, estimated to have a capacity of up to 3000 MW and expected to start operating in 2029, includes the construction of two converter substations in the areas currently occupied by the Kimal substations in the Antofagasta Region and Lo Aguirre in the Metropolitan Region.

The estimated investment for this project amounts to US$1.480 billion, and the corresponding Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has been submitted to the Environmental Assessment Service (SEA).

The HVDC direct current technology used in this project, and for the first time in the country, represents a step forward in the modernization and efficiency of the country’s electrical transmission system. It will play a key role in energy transmission by enhancing the generation and consumption of renewable energies. It is a key infrastructure for the country’s energy transition and decarbonization goals by reducing the spillage of clean energy currently lost due to transmission capacity constraints.

CHINA ENERGY ENGINEERING GROUP GUANGDONG ELECTRIC POWER DESIGN INSTITUTE CO., LTD. (GEDI) has entrusted ESINEL with the experience and technical capacity to carry out this large-scale project. GEDI is a Chinese corporation that oversees investment, construction, and management of transmission, transformation, and distribution of energy in several provinces in southern China. With this international collaboration, ESINEL and GEDI are significantly contributing to the advancement of energy infrastructure in Chile.

Video produced by GEDI with the participation of part of the ESINEL’s team: