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Engineering Studies

We specialize in providing comprehensive services for studies required by an Electrical Transmission System, from protection coordination to the selection of conductors and cables for transmission lines. We offer efficient and safe solutions, addressing aspects such as power flows, short circuits, electromagnetic transients, and harmonic filter design. Additionally, we conduct studies to measure the impact of new generation projects on the Interconnected System, complying with safety and quality of service regulations.

ingeniería eléctrica
  • Protection Coordination.
  • Power Flows.
  • Electromagnetic Transients.
  • Harmonic Filter Design.
  • Voltage Regulation Study, Load Flows.
  • Grounding Grid Design.
  • Insulation Coordination.
  • Calculation of Harmonic Filters, Reactive Compensation, etc.
  • Technical and Economic Study for the Selection of Conductor and Grounding Cable in a Transmission Line.
  • Systemic, Static, and Dynamic Studies to quantify the impact of connecting new generation projects to the Interconnected System, following the Technical Standard for Safety and Quality of Service (NTSyCS) and the Procedures of the CDEC-SIC, SING.