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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The BIM methodology, or Building Information Modeling, involves the creation and management of integrated digital information to optimize the design, construction, and operation of a project. In electrical projects, the implementation of BIM not only optimizes the design and multidisciplinary coordination through detailed 3D models but also improves decision-making with accurate simulations, ensuring a more efficient execution and higher quality in all phases of the project.

In Chile, we have the “BIM Standard for Public Projects (CORFO)”, a tool that defines guidelines for integrating the BIM methodology into government projects. This standard not only facilitates the incorporation of BIM technology in construction but also enhances efficiency and quality in project execution.

At ESINEL, we initiated the implementation of the BIM methodology since May 2023, anticipating the mandatory requirement established for the year 2025 in all public projects in Chile. This process has been carried out through the integration of BIM formats into various programs used by the company, such as REVIT, TEKLA, CIVIL 3D, among others. Additionally, we have incorporated new roles specifically dedicated to the successful implementation of this methodology.