Technical Inspection

ESINEL Ingenieros offers the following Inspection Services:

  • Technical Inspection on Site (ITO).
  • Factory Inspection of the Equipments and Materials National and Imported.
  • Inspection and Management of the Construction.
  • Equipment Mounting Inspection.
  • Supervision of Commissioning.
  • Materials reception on Site
  • Site works Final Reception

ITO has as its mission to supervise that the construction of the works on Site are executed as defined in the Engineering, to keep a control of the planned activities and to assure the construction program compliance, so the job can be executed in the period provided and under the security and quality standards required by the customer.

In the International scope ESINEL has inspected the manufacturing of equipment on Factories located in different Countries such as Germany, China, Austria , Slovakia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina.