Environmental Area

ESINEL understands that the Engineering transcends the technical area by the relevance that the environmental care has gained and also by the commitment of taking care of the physical, biological, and socioeconomic heritage of the environment.

ESINEL’S environmental service is focused in integrating, improving and reducing the communication time between the technical area, where the information for the projects is generated, and the environmental area that manages and presents the antecedents for the approval of the official entities.

This allows for early detection of the negative impacts in the environment adopting solutions to mitigate those effects giving an engineering project with good quality accomplishing the environmental requirements.

Our environmental area can offer the following services:

  • Environmental Conceptual Studies.
  • Elaboration and Processing of EIA (Environmental Impact study) and DIA (Environmental Impact declaration)
  • Environmental Permits processing.
  • Consulting and Environmental Management Plan.
  • Prevention and Decontamination Plan.
  • Tracking of RCA (Environmental Qualification Resolution)
  • Adequacy of the Projects to the Environmental Regulatory.
  • Baselines (environmental)